Straight Ear Clamp Pincher

SKU: 071-005-411
Straight Ear Clamp Pincher
SKU: 071-005-411
$84.58 / EA

Features and Benefits

  • For installing ear clamps on airline.
  • Effectively seals connection between fitting and hose with no leak, burr-free clamp.
  • Simple installation instructions—pinch first ear all the way, then pinch the second ear to form a spring-like grip around the hose that stays taut even if hose shrinks from temperature or age.
  • Durable nickel chromium steel construction.

Product Information

  • Specifications

    Jaw Capacity 2"
    Size 10"
    Type 10" Pincher
    Return Period 365
    Quickship Catalog Page # 221
  • Availability

    Lake City, FL In Stock

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