Productivity Improvement

Take a fresh look at the way you operate

  • Are you using the best products for your application?
  • What technological advances occurred since you last evaluated your process?
  • Are there products and techniques out there that are more efficient than what you use now?

Productivity Improvement is reviewing your process for ways to do it faster/better/less expensively

  • Reinventing the best way to do something
  • Cross-pollination of manufacturing ideas to arrive at the best solution
  • Documenting and quantifying cost savings before making changes

HUB Industrial has the knowledge base to suggest improved techniques for your process.

Just In Time Inventory

Shift the burden of inventory from your facility to your supplier

  • Tie up less money
  • Tie up less floor space
  • Use your resources more profitably

JIT requires that your supplier be

  • Reliable and trustworthy
  • Conversant in the specifics of your industry

HUB Industrial Supply is a proven leader in JIT.

Documented Profit and Increase

Sometimes the more expensive item is the most cost effective

  • Purchase price/useful life = actual cost
  • Actual cost can only be determined by monitoring actual use

Our Industry Specialists routinely assess actual costs of consumable blades, abrasives, etc.

  • We document real-life costs of current item
  • We show real-life costs of proposed new item for comparison
  • We document and demonstrate cost savings per month/year

HUB Industrial will show you on paper how much money you can save by switching.

Process Reduction

Take a fresh look at the way you operate

  • Have you accumulated too much baggage in your journey to success?
  • Are your various departments using 5 different brands/types of supplies when 1 would serve you better?

Process Reduction is reviewing your process for overlap and redundancy

  • Streamlining your list of consumables
  • Economizing by simplifying

HUB Industrial is an extra set of eyes trained to scout out inefficiency.

Product Training

Maximize the value of the products you use for

  • Longer life
  • Higher production
  • Lower total cost

Our industry specialists are available to

  • Train your workers
  • Identify inefficiencies and misuse

HUB Industrial specializes in the tools of your trade.

Inventory Cost Reduction

Keeping inventory is expensive

  • 2% shrink per month
  • Money tied up in inventory is money unavailable for other things
  • Why pay any more than you have to?

Inventory Cost Reduction is finding ways to trim inventory and its costs

  • Using your supplier’s warehouse instead of your own
  • In-depth formulation of what minimum inventory level can be

HUB Industrial encourages the use of our resources to reduce the cost of yours.

Vendor Consolidation

Reducing the number of vendors you use reduces procurement costs

  • Save administrative costs with fewer POs
  • Reduce shipping costs with fewer, larger deliveries

Gain buying leverage by using fewer vendors

  • Concentrate your buying power
  • Become a more important customer

Vendor Managed Inventory

  • Onsite management of your stock
  • Our reps will assume responsibility for keeping you supplied with items, up to and including:
    • - Establishing min/max inventory levels
    • - Taking inventory
    • - Restocking
  • Monthly, Biweekly schedules
  • Fee based service
  • Vending machines and bin architecture available to enhance productivity
  • Save soft costs by delegating this time-intensive job to your vendor

HUB Industrial encourages the use of our resources to reduce the cost of yours.

CMI (Customer Managed Inventory)

  • You manage your supplies using tools we provide
  • Our industry specialists will work with you to establish min/max inventory levels
  • Web tools to streamline ordering and monitor consumption
  • Inventory IQ tools available to simplify inventory counts and other time-consuming tasks
  • Partner with your supplier to develop a system that works for you at lowest cost

HUB Industrial Supply can see to it that you never run short of anything.